We are a Czech tech company focusing on the development and manufacturing of automated hydroponic farming systems utilizing an inhouse developed controlling unit – The Growlight Farmer.

Our controlling unit – Growlight Farmer – enables effective indoor farming, both in small scale design gardens and large scale industrial solutions for restaurants, supermarkets and hotels.

Highly automated hydroponic vertical farms produce fresh products year round. Constant supply in desired quantity and quality enables direct use in the HORECA segment or further processing for applications in herbal tinctures and other herbal products. All that while minimizing the carbon footprint.

After having started by producing multiple prototypes of various types of interior gardens we have extended our focus to development and production of large industrial vertical farms. We firmly believe in vertical gardens and mobile farming units are the way forward for efficient local food production reducing all unnecessary transport costs.

We pride ourselves on Czechia-based manufacturing and the highest quality of all of our products.


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