We have spent half a decade on the development of interior hydroponic gardens, greenhouse solutions and efficient production in a closed environment. We have tried many different methods and different approaches to growing plants. We pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge of even the smallest details. The components of our equipment are selected to meet the demanding requirements of commercial food production. Our focus is sustainability,so we do not produce any low-cost products and prefer a long lifetime.



The brain of our products is the controlling unit for hydroponics UNGrow . The smart device is designed to adjust the conditions for plants. Ideal conditions eliminate stress and significantly increase the quantity and quality of harvested production.

The unit controls all important features such as lighting, climate, nutrient solution composition values in water treatment units. UNGrow monitors the current status and gives you full control over the device wherever you are. Automation eliminates the major reason for failure in most hydroponic systems, which is the human error.


Hydroponics is the most effective cultivation method today. Circulation systems are specifically designed for low evaporation and low water and fertilizer consumption.

The absence of soil minimizes the possibility of pests, weeds, mould and rotting diseases. There is no need to use pesticides, so hydroponics is suitable for household and commercial use.



The growing media used in hydroponics have common properties. These are higher lightness, airiness, absorbency and permeability. The substrate does not change the parameters of the nutrient solution. We choose a suitable type according to the type of cultivated crops, but we can also grow without substrate.


Hydroton is a recyclable clay fired in the form of small balls. With their ability to absorb water up to 90% of the volume, contribute to sufficient substrate moisture. The balls guarantee a perfect supply of air to the roots.


Coconut fibres are visually very similar to soil. Due to their properties we use them as hydroponic inert substrate. Coconut fibers are very light and enriched with useful bacteria allow good development of the roots.


Rockwool is a mineral wool made for cuttings, but in hydroponics it has found wide application as an ideal substrate for various growing methods. The optimal structure forms a stable base for the roots.


Various components of our hydroponic systems, controlling units or LED lights are 3D printed. 

Light technology is specially designed to supplement the right energy for fast and healthy growth. Full spectrum LED lights supply light evenly over the entire growing surface.



Various components of our hydroponic systems, LED lights or controlling units are 3D printed. Our own design allows us not to be limited to commonly available components, construction and design elements.

Depending on the final use of the product, we print from a wide range of available materials. We most often use PP, we also have ABS, ABS-T, PLA, PET and PET-G materials.