Grow anything you want!

The main idea behind the creation of growlight interior gardens was to allow a piece of nature to exist in indoor settings in which we spend most of our days. It’s an unique combination of modern technology and live plants, which will bright up your home, restaurant, cafe or office.

Custom made interior gardens

Add some freshness to your food and drinks

The smell of freshly picked herbs which we typically associate with summer gardening or vacations can now be your daily reality year round. 

Grow any herbs you like. A touch of fragrant fresh greens will transform a normal meal into an extraordinary experience.

Cook with fresh ingredients


There is more to Growlight Gardens than just herbs. Discover a new world of homegrown remedies and grow plants that you would typically find as components of various ointments and supplements. Using the power of active superplants year round as part of a balanced diet will help to keep you healthy, without the need of medicating using traditional pharmaceuticals.

Inspired by nature

The “sitting in a garden” feeling brought indoors. Interior garden improves air quality and helps you breathe better.

Easy maintenance

The interior garden is capable of automatically providing itself with all its basic needs.  All that is left for you to do is trimming the plants and harvesting the yields.

Know your food

Follow the journey of your food as it transforms from a seed into a ready to eat plant. Have a total control of the quality of the food you eat.